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Rules and propositions of the SENIOR tournament

  1. All games in senior categories will be played by 2×10 minutes
  2. the competition system will be set upon the application deadline.
  3. In all cases, if the result is  1:1, the shoot-out will be played. The EBT rules will be applied in all matches.
  4. In caseU slučaju nedolaska ekipe na utakmicu, istoj se oduzima 1 bod.
  5. In case of equal point number, better in mutual game will be better placed. If more teams have the same number of points, then the following criteriums should be applied: period difference, goal difference, total goal number achieved. If better team is not known after all criteriums, then the draw should be applied
  6. All teams should be present 30 minutes before their first game. Registration fee should be paid in the given deadline, proposed by the organizer.
  7. The accuracy is very important for our tournament. We expect a lot of teams, so each team should be ready for their next match, next to the playing field 5-10 minutes before the game starts.
  8. 10 players are allowed to play for only one team at the tournament. Also, 10 players are allowed to play each game.