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Interview with Mr. d’Ovidio

Please tell us something about your club history. When did you start with the beach handball and what are your main goles, successes, main opposite teams etc.?

«Hy everybody handball friends, about our club history my coach Antonio Viola told already everythings and I can confirm that he is one of the greatest promoter of this fantastic sport. I started to play beach handball in 2000 but my first and unforgettable experience was in Graz in Austria at Olympic children games, was a fantastic team and with good satisfactions because we arrived at seventh position and we beated 2-0 good teams as Spain and Austria “B”, and lost other match just at shoot-out against Poland, Switzerland, Austria “A” and Czech Republic.

We done tournaments in Netherlands with our friends of Paksoft Camelot for three times, one tournament in Belgium and Switzerland. In this last years we are creating a new group to do much ebt tournaments for a bigger tour and we are so happy to come to Jarun Cup. Our main opposite are usually guys of Paksoft Camelot, Pallamano Grosseto (italian champions) and the other team of Gaeta.

My favourite succes was in 2012 at Tilburg beach tournament where we won fair play cup, the first objective of our sport, I think so».

Where did your club play so far, and which countries you visited?

«We played in so much different countries for handball indoor tournament, and the farest country was in Czech Republic with Karvinà Handball cup where we went for differents years,about ten. We love do tournaments everywhere and visit city and know other cultures. About beach handball the farest tournament was in Holland for Tilburg Beach Tournament and we really enjoy that tournament because with dutch guys we created a really good frienships.

As countries,so.. Do you have time?  We visited Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Poland and Spain and in some nation we went different times».

You are first Italian team which will participate on Jarun cup ever and I hope that you will enjoy it. Tell me what do you expect from it and with how many teams will you participate? Since we have the tournament for the  younger age, will you bring your youngsters to the tournament maybe?

«We expect a good atmosphere and that during matches all teams will stay in the beach handball center to know each other and have fun, we expect to see again friends, referees and teams that we met in the past and other tournaments. For us will be our first time in Croatia and obviously we are coming for a new beach handball tournament, but also for holidays and visit your fantastic nation. For sure we will come with our senior team but we hope to come also with our under 16, is so hard because much of them are youngers that 16 years old but they must do experience and can play with other youngers from Croatia and other nations. We will try to talk with theirs relatives».

Please, by your opinion, describe “beach handball life style” in few words. What is the most important part of this “sport, sun, friendlines and fun“ philosophy to you?

«When I think at beach handall I think to fair play. I think that without strong fouls as in indoor handball, is so spectacular to see players do 360°, wonderful spinshot, stunts invented at moment and team actions without brutal fouls that stop the ”show”.

I love beach handball because you need just 8 players or also 6 and you can go everywhere and do a tournament. On sand you can fly and don’t feel pain. Do you need more? This is just best sport ever».

Since you are at the same time the player and the organizer of the Gaeta tournament held in June usually, what position do you prefer- position of the organizer or the position of the player?

«I prefer to play because i shouldn’t have stress, and you can imagine what means organize and at the same time be part of the staff and do all possible for the best succes of tournament and try that teams will come also next years. It’s hard but it’s a satisfaction when i watched some girls to cry at last day of tournment or be friend after many years with much players or receive letters and messages by referees».

At the end, introduce your main beach handball project(s) in this year.

«This year we will start our season on April with trainings,then we will go to Jarun cup and i really thank you about change of hospitality. After yout tournament we will play italian beach handball Championship and we are organizing for going to Germany and Holland.

But the main project is for our ebt tournament in Gaeta, we want improve and will be at our 15th edition. At moment we have two Italian ebt referees (Luciano Cardone and Sebastiano Manuele) and two ebt Polish referees (Anna Kleszcz and Edyta Jaworska), but we are calling also a couple from Norway and another ebt from Italy or Switzerland. In this year we are increasing with number of partecipants but isn’t enough for US. Just work,work,work for our loved sport».

Once again, thank you for your time and we will see you soon.