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Jarun cup became part of the EBT season 2016

European handball federation  has published Jarun cup on their official European beach handball tour site. At this point Jarun cup has 134 organizational points. The reason for that number of points is simple- we do not want to put larger point number if we are not sure that we could fulfill doubtful  points. But, we expect more points which will be added when we will know that  for sure (delegate number, referee couple, foreign teams etc.)

So far,  members of the Organizing Committee are happy with the fact that Jarun cup is published as  first outdoor tournament in the new season. So, become a part of our Summer story and start with beach handball playing at the end of April. See you.  Last year tournament was completely successful with 62 teams in total in all categories.

This year it appears that more teams showed interest to come to Jarun cup, so we hope that number of the registered teams will be even bigger comparing to previous edition.