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Tournament mascot has been finally named !!!

Prize contest organized by the Academic beach handball club Zagreb (organizer of the EBT tournament Jarun cup) has reached its end. Members of the Organizing Commetee have chosen among recieved names and votes have been collected and counted. Below you may find the ranking list for the proposed names: 

1. Sandy (18 votes)

2. Jarunko (13 votes)

3. Jaruninho (12 votes)

4. Beta (11 votes)

5. in (7 votes)

6. Handy (6 votes)

7. Pijesko (5 votes)

8. Pirko (3 votes)

9. Spiny (2 votes)

10 Fućko, Matan, Šaki, Cagi (0 votes)

Persons which proposed first three ranked names won the tournament T-shirt, and these persons are: Marko Ćurković, Snježana Vutmej and Antonio d’Ovidio. We would like to congratulate to the winners and all other participants.