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Thanks to the donators: Kraš, Food Industry d.d.

Can anyone live without sweets? We can’t. Don’t you eat some sweets even once for a while? We do, even more than once :3 That’s why we’re happy to have Kraš company among our donators!kras-logo

One of the oldest chocolate factories in Croatia (developing since 1911 – yes, it’s more than 100 years old!) decided to be the part of our summer story. If you want to buy some Croatian specialties for you, your friends or family, Kraš’s sweets it’s a must have! If you want to buy something that all Croats eat, something typical for us, Domaćica biscuits are the best choice. If you want something more special or extraordinary that you don’t have in your country, we recommend you Ledene kocke or Bajadera chocolates. Of course, it’s only a small part of the long list of their products, so we recommend you to try their sweets on your own and decide what you like the most. You can find Kraš’s products all over the city, both in their own stores and majority of other food shops in Zagreb as well. We can assure you, no matter what you buy, you’ll be veeery satisfied.