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Jarun Cup 2016 summary. See you next year!

The 9th edition of Jarun Cup – the biggest Croatian beach handball tournament, which was already organized 8 times at the banks of Jarun lake (1st edition took place in the Bundek park) is over. On three courts teams from 7 countries – Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia and Switzerland, competed for the title of the Jarun Cup Champion and the points for EBT ranking.

This year it showed up that the women’s senior category was the toughest one. From 13 registered teams 6 regularly take part and win the most difficult European tournaments (among which this year there is also Jarun Cup). The title of Jarun Cup 2016 Champion won actual European Champion Agenta Girls from Hungary who defeated in the final the host of the tournament – the team of Detono Zagreb. The 3rd place was taken by Polish girls from BHT Gru Piotrkow Trybunalski who defeated the last year’s finalist – Camelot from the Netherlands.

Jarun Cup 2016 is a record handball tournament in Croatia not only in terms of the number of participants, but also in terms of number of European countries that wanted to take part in the competition. These record figures ensured high level of the tournament and proved significant organizational progress of the whole event.

The games in all age categories started on Thursday and lasted till Sunday’s men’s senior final in which the host – Detono Zagreb defended the last year’s title of the Jarun Cup Champion. The second place was taken by BHC Dubrava, whilst 3rd won the team from BHC Sesvete who defeated KRP Sokol in the ‘small final’. High quality of Croatian beach handball was illustrated by the fact that the first eight places in the men’s competition won exclusively Croatian teams.

After the finals the time for award ceremony had come. First three places in junior’s category won:

Boys 2002
1. Dutch U14 Team
2. Libra
3. RK Rugvica

Girls 2000
1. Detono Zagreb
2. Lokomotiva 1
3. ŽRK Sloga Sveta Nedelja

Boys 2000
1. Italian National Selection
2. Jole’s sand moles
3. Nazare Beach Portugal (SUI)

Boys 1998
1. ITA National Team
2. BHC Sesvete
3. Detono Zagreb

After the award ceremony the president of AKRP Zagreb, Matija Šulc gave also individual awards. To „the best six“ in women’s category were chosen:

Sanne Deug (TSHV Camelot) – the best left wing

Diana Žgela (Detono Zagreb) – the best specialist

Paulina Sowa (BHT Gru Piotrków Trybunalski) – the best pivot

Fruzsina Kretz (Agenta Girls) – the best right wing

Agnes Kokai (Agenta Girls) – the best goalkeeper

Adriana Chowańska (Detono Zagreb) – the best defence player

To “the best six” in men’s category were chosen:

Ivan Jurić (Detono Zagreb) – the best left wing

Ivan Dumenčić (BHC Dubrava) – the best specialist

Matej Semren (KRP Sokol) – the best pivot

Ivica Aladenić (BHC Dubrava) – the best right wing

Dominik Marković (BHC Sesvete) – the best goalkeeper

Valentino Valentaković (Detono Zagreb) – the best defender

Congratulations to all winners, and huge thanks to all participants for their bravery and perseverance on the courts even when the weather wasn’t so favourable 😉 See you next year.