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Volunteers on Jarun Cup 2017

Due to vast interest in Jarun Cup 2017, this year we decided to ask for help of volunteers. We are sure that the tournament will be even more successful with them, and we’re sure that we will give them a chance to fall in love, even further, in beach handball!
We appreciate very much that they decided to dedicate their time and be part of our summer story, so we asked them to tell us something about themselves.
First volunteer is Kreso 🙂


My name is Kreso, I’ve studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), and I try to take advantage of my free time the opposite than so called “FER style of living”. I have already volunteered on several film festivals, European Universities Games in 2016, and I am regular volunteer in Volunteers’ Centre Zagreb. I can’t say which of the project was my favorite one since during all of them I met various, very interesting and friendly people, had a lot of fun, and helped along with that. I’ve already volunteered on one beach handball tournament, and since it was my first encounter with BH at all, I am very satisfied and I can’t wait to help on Jarun Cup 🙂