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Volunteers on Jarun Cup 2017 X

List of our volunteers seems to have no end altAmong our dear volunteers on this year’s Jarun Cup there is Magdalena:

“I’m Magi, I’m 23 years old. I studied computing at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and now I’m working part time as a programmer altThere are many things I like to do in my spare time, some of them are playing board games with my hubby and friends, spending time in nature, singing and playing guitar (mostly to praise God), I also like sports and recreation and handball is one of my favourites, but in spite that, I never before came across beach version of it and I just can’t wait to be around and help during the tournament. 
I recently got familiar with “official” volunteering and just started two months ago – helping elderly people in their everyday tasks and joined some workshops with them. Before that I participated in some projects for the homeless and poor and also worked a little with kids. This will be my first time helping at a sports event and I really look forward to it as well as meeting you guys alt