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Who is going to visit us? Round 7.

altLast time we presented completely new participant of Jarun Cup, now it’s time for you to get to know our old, old friends. Check how many times KRP Dubrava participated in our tournament, what are the club’s biggest successes throught all this years and which of the tournament in general is their favorite one 🙂

For the warm up, tell us few words about the beginnings of KRP Dubrava, how many members does the club have, how long does it exist?

It’s quite interesting coincidence that KRP Dubrava have been founded on the same day as BHC Zagreb, i.e. 13th of January – only with this slight difference that we are a bit younger. The club has been founded in 2010 and this season will be our 8th year after official registration. The beginnings were the same as in other clubs – the curiosity was the main factor as well as pure joy of the game. Then, everything developed into mature participation in local and international tournaments and playing for national team. Our major successes are: women – Croatian Championship 2015 and 2016, and 3rd place on Champions Cup 2017; guys: few times silver medal winners on Croatian Championships – guys are still waiting for their first title of Croatian Champions.

Which of the tournament is your favorite one and why?

All of the tournaments have something special. Because beach handball is a summer sport our favorite ones were tournaments by the Adriatic sea, which for some reason vanished from Croatian Championship cycle. The tournament in Umag would be our favorite one as we had a lot of successes there.

How many times have you already participated in Jarun Cup? Which of the editions was the most successful for the club or which of them do you remember most?

We have participated in Jarun Cup every year since we’ve founded the club, so this year’s Jarun Cup would be our 8th edition. Two times men’s team was in the finals, in 2011 and 2016, whilst in 2012 we won the tournament in junior’s category.

What are your expectations towards Jarun Cup 2017, when speaking about both the game itself and the organization?

On Jarun Cup 2017 we can’t count on all of our players, nor in men’s team, neither in women’s one. It’s because some of our club members play professionally indoor handball both in and outside Croatia. Still, we believe that the team that will take part in the tournament will play on high level, even though this will be our first time on the sand this season.