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List of the teams after early bird registration

Early bird registrations for the upcoming tournament Jarun cup 2018 are behind us, and here is the list of senior teams that reserved their spot for our true Summer story 😉

The most teams registered their spot in men category- There are only three spots left so far, and below you may find the list:

1. White boys (Croatia)

2. KRP Nevažni (Croatia)

3. Detono Zagreb (Croatia)

4. Chemo-profili Zagreb (Croatia)

5. BHV Wasserschloss (Switzerland)

6. Beach stars bhc (Hungary)

7. TSHV Camelot (Netherlands)

8. AKRP Zagreb (Croatia)

9. HEI beachhandball (Denmark)

10. BHC Sesvete (Croatia)

11. BHC Sesvete 2 (Croatia)

12. Goteborg (Sweden)

13. BHC Rovinj

14. Gaeta CUS Casino (Italy)

15. Team Sweden-national selection (Sweden)

16. BHC Čakovec (Croatia)

17. YAC 2000 selection (Croatia)


As well as the men part of the tournament, the women part will be also high competitive with top notch teams. So far, the following teams confirmed their participation:

1. BHT Pyrki Poznan (Poland)

2. WBHC Kontesa Nera (Croatia)

3. CAIPIranhas (Germany)

4. BHC Sesvete (Croatia)

5. Detono Zagreb (Croatia)

6. BHC 2areg (Serbia)

7. BHC Dubrava (Croatia)

8. Goteborg BHC (Sweden)

9. BHC Rovinj (Croatia)

10. Chemo profili Zagreb (Croatia)


Beside the teams in the senior part, the following teams confimed their participation in youth competition: Hiekka Hauskaa (Netherlands), Wasserschloss (Switzerland), Goteborg (Sweden), Detono Zagreb (Croatia), and BHC Sesvete (Croatia). We will stay tuned and fill the lists immediately after the new registration arrives.


Beside the registered teams, it should be mentioned that few other teams from Hungary, Serbia, Spain and other European countries showed the interest for the participation.


Ivan Jugović, Sports director (Academic beach handball club Zagreb), and the member of the Jarun Cup OC commented the registered teams: Since there is still a lot of time before the beginning of the tournament, I would like to say on behalf of the Organizing Committee of Jarun cup, that we are really satisfied with the early bird registrations. It gives us a lot of time to define everything regarding the tournament and it is also better for the teams season planning. The registered teams posses high quality skills, so I could say that we barely wait to see the games at this tournament edition. Also, the new thing is that final matches in women and men categories (senior and 2000) will be broadcasted on national television, so- we can prmise at this moment that those matches will be highly spectacular and attractive.