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Jarun Cup 2018 participants – Beach Stars

beach stars logoOne month left to Jarun Cup! It’s high time to start presenting our participants! Let’s start with Beach Stars – two times European champions that will try to catch some EBT points in men’s senior category. If you ever wondered why these Hungarian guys decided to call themselves “Beach Stars” or you wish to know where they plan to spend their beach handball season, István Bődy, Beach Star’s team manager will give you the answers 🙂

For the warmp up, what do you expect from the tournament besides beating Detono and winning the trophy? 😉

We would like to reach the semi-final to start the season with as much EBT points as possible and of course to be first on the Hungarian ranking list.

Tell us few words about your club – the history, main sucesses and… why “Beach Stars”?

Our team was founded by a group of friends in 2002. In the last 16 years we won every possible throphy in Hungary and in Europe. Why called us Beach Stars? After we became EBT Champion for the first time, one of our sponsor asked us: ‘Are you now the Stars of the Beach or what?’ the name sounded funny, so we kept it 🙂 The last years were about building a new young team, with the aim to be one of the top teams in Europe again. We would like to shine bright like a stars on the sky and not just with our performance on the field but also with our personal values as well 🙂

And one question for your fans – in case they want to collect your autographs, where they can meet Stars this year? Did you already plan the upcoming season?

Portugal, Netherland, Italy, Slovakia and Hungary are the countries on our EBT list. But if our fans wouldn’t find us at one of these tournaments, we send them kindly a signed autogrammcard of course 😉

beach stars