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1st Beach handball conference

Fair play Plava4cmOrganizational board of Jarun cup is proud to present the first edition of the beach handball conference, that will be held during Jarun cup beach handball tournament. The goal of the conference is to spread the knowledge related to beach handball. In this first edition we are presenting the list of the lecturers that will speak about different aspects of the beach handball. The conference will be held from 29.-30.4.2019. in Integrated hotel Zagreb and the lectures will be held at the evening, in order to avoid the overlap with the playing schedule. Beach handball experts such as Iva Kanjugovic, Dennis Heuvelmans, Sinisa Ostoic, Harald Mulder and Marco Bodmer will talk about different topics related with the role of marketing in this sport; different techniques of spreading the beach handball among youngsters, and about the requirements that were necessary in order to become a good beach handballer.

Matija Rajnovic (Physiotherapist) will tell us few words about  the prevention of injuries in beach handball and handball, while Karlo Prizmic (nutricionist) will point the main things related to the energetic demands required for beach handball players during competition.

Pedagogue Ana Znidarec Cuckovic will speak  about the role of ifair play implementation among youngsters.

Besides the sport competition, this conference will be additional value that makes this tournament unique. All interested persons are invited to come to hear the lectures. Participation is free of charge.

You can see the conference agenda HERE

Become a part of our Summer story and enjoy. See you on the sand.