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Jarun Cup 2015

Jarun cup 2015- Photos

On the links below you may find the photos which were taken during the Jarun cup 2015. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Jarun Cup referee couples introducing: Edyta Jaworska and Anna Kleszcz

Please, tell us few words about yourself, especially the story have you got involved to the (beach) handball activities

Anna: So much to talk about so lets focus maybe on „handball“ subject 😉 I guess I was around 8 years old when decided to play handball – too lazy to run I became a goalkeeper ☺continued that until my last year at uni. In high school got an idea about becoming also a referee – turned out pretty well as I am still happy to do that.

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Interview with Mr. d’Ovidio

Please tell us something about your club history. When did you start with the beach handball and what are your main goles, successes, main opposite teams etc.?

«Hy everybody handball friends, about our club history my coach Antonio Viola told already everythings and I can confirm that he is one of the greatest promoter of this fantastic sport. I started to play beach handball in 2000 but my first and unforgettable experience was in Graz in Austria at Olympic children games, was a fantastic team and with good satisfactions because we arrived at seventh position and we beated 2-0 good teams as Spain and Austria “B”, and lost other match just at shoot-out against Poland, Switzerland, Austria “A” and Czech Republic.

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Interview with Antonio Viola: Gaeta handball ’84 will be part of Jarun cup

Gaeta handball 84 confirmed the participation on Jarun cup 2015
Beach handball club „Gaeta handball 84“ will start their new beach handball season with Jarun cup 2015 tournament. We are very proud on that information and we use this opportunity to speak with the main persons of this club, Mr. Antonio Viola and Mr. Antonio D’Ovidio (will be published soon).

  Interview with Mr Viola:
I assume that readers of our website mainly know a lot about beach handball history. So, I predict that they know that BH was firstly introduced in Italy and that you were a part of the „first developing team“. Could you please go back to the history and told us exactly what happened and how did you start to develop the beach handball idea? Which persons participated from the first steps?

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Jarun Cup referee couples introducing: Dávid Palkovits and Gabor Szilvási

In the series of the articles about the official persons that will be part of our Summer story, on Jarun cup 2015, we bring the interview with the famous Hungarian beach handball couple, Mr Palkovits and Mr. Szilvasi.

Please, introduce yourself (main information).  How long are you involved to the (beach)handball activities?

Gabor: Handball and beachhandball were always part of my life, considered as my second „job“. I started playing handball in ’99 and when beachhandball was introduced in my country, I fell in love immediately. Besides playing I started to be a referee in 2003 and I joined beachhandball as an official in 2008. From the very beginning I go from tournaments to tournaments with David. In private I work as an HR Director for a multinational company called Xerox.

David: In 2000 I started as an indoor referee and since 2005 I’m actively involved in all beachhandball activities. From 2008 with Gábor we participated numerous domestic and international tournaments, visiting many interesting places in Europe. Regarding the number of matches we whistled, it is hard to count but it should be close to 1000. Apart from handball in everyday’s life I’m working for Vodafone as a Billing Manager.

What are your greatest achievments so far? Where did you whistle so far and describe us shortly the best game you were part of. Is there any match you wish that you didn’t whistle maybe 😉 ?

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